Hands down the hardest part about your Disney Vacation is waiting for it to get here!

That statement almost goes without saying, in fact, I don’t think anyone would disagree with me. No matter how you choose to count down most days you feel like July 5th will never get here! Did I just say that out loud? If it’s this hard for me you can imagine how my girls feel. I have never been one to keep secrets, I always wanted to be one of those parents with the cute little ‘surprise’ vacation videos on you tube. But, I am too impatient. I want to discuss every aspect of my Disney vacation with everyone and over plan until I am blue in the face. If you are anything like me, then you are going to need a countdown too.

With two little girls, one of which too young to be able to read numbers a countdown that shows a good visual representation of the time left is a good way to go. And nothing is easier to make then the good ol’ paper chain. To make this paper chain I got three pieces of Disney themed scrapbook paper at the craft store.

I probably realized too late that the cars one wasn’t going to work too well as that cute little Lightening McQueen won’t be on all links. It will still serve its purpose though, so no worries. Do make sure your chosen paper is pliable though, there are some great glitter covered papers out there, but they seemed a bit too sturdy to wrap into a loop.

Once you have your paper cut them into strips. I cut one across the top horizontally and then seven more vertically (with one little square left over to keep them all even) this give me eight strips.

With three papers cut I now have 24 strips in total. I organize them into a nice pattern and then number each strip of paper, in this case from 1-24.

To make this fun for everyone involved I like to put fun little activities on the back. This gives my girls something fun to do each day, that helps keep them excited for their upcoming vacation. You can find the cut out list activities here.

Now the fun part begins! Start your linking! Linking is easily done by looping one strip of paper into a circle, stapling it and ten looping the next strip of paper through that circle.

And on and on it goes until you have a mess of links.

Now all you need to do is hang your chain in your preferred place and let the countdown begin!

Before you know it you will be packing your bags to head out the door.

Happy Vacationing!



Rebecca is the founder of Wishing Well Travel, and is obsessed with all things Disney. Her passion for all things Disney and helping and serving others is what makes Wishing Well Travel what it is. You can contact Rebecca here.